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Cultural Educator/Mentors

Cultural Educator/Mentors

Cultural Educator

The Cultural Educator for JCU GP Training is Henry Neill. He is responsible for delivering the JCU Cultural Awareness Training Workshops to registrars which is a compulsory part of your training.

If you are a registrar that does not have access to a Cultural Mentor, please contact  They will be able to provide some advice and if applicable, provide you with a local contact in the area that will support you.

Cultural Mentor

JCU partners with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health training posts who allocate one of their staff members to have a role as a cultural mentor within their health service. These cultural mentors support registrars in their training and assist them to develop and enhance their cultural education and cultural safety.

A cultural mentor is a specific role created to support general practice registrars training in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health training posts. Cultural mentors are Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander persons who have detailed local knowledge of their region and are acknowledged in this role by the local Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander community. They guide registrars and staff to feel safe, comfortable and confident as they interact with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people and their communities.  Cultural Mentoring provides clarity around the cultural context of the local community and helps the registrar develop culturally safe clinical practice.

Cultural Mentors play an important role in the training of our GP registrars working in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Medical Services (AMS) or Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Community Controlled Health Services (ACCHS).  If you have a placement at an AMS/ACCHS, the cultural mentor is there to support you, the patients and their community.

Cultural Mentors


  • Veronica Ah-Wang
  • Patricia Wright

Charleville & Western Area Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Community Health (CWAATSICH)

  • Elaine Wingate
  • Darren Lawton
  • Sandra Collins

Cooktown Multi-Purpose Health Centre

  • James Tapau 

Gidgee Healing Mount Isa

  • Melissa Nathan

Gidgee Healing Normanton

  • Dr Marjad Page
  • Dr Sarah Edwards

Galangoor Duwalami Primary Health Care Service

  • Sharly Murdoch

Goondir Health Services

  • Floyd Leedie

Gurriny Yealamucka Health Service

  • Lucresia Willett 

Joyce Palmer and Palm Island Primary Health Care

  • Jennifer Ketchell

Mamu Health Services

  • Brett Ambrum

Mulungu Aboriginal Corporation

  • TBC

North Ward Health Campus

  • Keith Pearson

NPA Family and Community Services Primary Healthcare

  • Kylie Sagaukaz
  • Harriett Phineasa

  • Gina Nona

Palm Island Community Company (PICC)

  • Dyella Morgan
  • Theresa Creed

Townsville Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health Service (TAIHS)

  • Heather Lee

Torres and Cape Health and Hospital Service

  • Elizabeth Bond
  • Paddy Nai

Wuchopperen Health Service

  • TBC

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