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AST/ARST in Surgery

Are you interested in an AST/ARST in Surgery? 

There is an absence of specialist surgical services in rural and remote areas.

An AST in Surgery will provide generalist registrars training with an appropriate scope of practice required to provide general surgical skills in a range common surgical conditions likely to be encountered in most rural practice contexts taking into account the potential geographical locations and work situations of registrars during training and on completion of training and the needs arising from those locations. Along with the availability of surgical facilities and specialist support in most rural practice contexts. 

An ARST in Surgery will provide the registrar with the knowledge, skills and experience that will enable a GP Surgical Proceduralist to safely provide unsupervised General Practice surgery.  

 Note Training for this speciality is 24months (2 years) in duration. 

AST/ARST - Dr Liam Weber's story

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