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Academic posts

James Cook University (JCU) encourages registrars on the Australian General Practice Training (AGPT) program to consider an academic post during the course of their training.

An academic post is an AGPT training term in which registrars develop academic skills through individualised learning plans with mentoring and support from training providers, universities, and the colleges.

Why do an academic post?

An academic post can be a great way to incorporate academic work into your career, or as preparation for further postgraduate study in academic general practice. Academic posts provide exposure to medical research and the academic environment, including teaching, project work and critical evaluation of research relevant to the discipline of general practice.

Registrars undertaking an academic post will also have the opportunity to:

  • Contribute to the evidence on which general practice is based
  • Attend funded workshops and conferences
  • Disseminate their research in professional journals and at conferences
  • Help build a foundation towards becoming a general practice academic or medical educator

The funding available for an academic post includes salary equivalent to a university lecturer (0.5 FTE), professional development funding and research funding.

What are the requirements of an academic post?

An academic post involves the completion of a research project, in addition to teaching and project work in the area of general practice. An academic post usually takes 12 months part-time and is completed alongside a registrar’s general practice training.  You can apply for a College funded academic post through RACGP or ACRRM.  JCU also has funded academic posts in Cairns, Townsville and Mackay. 

RACGP Funded Posts: For Royal Australian College of General Practitioners (RACGP) registrars, academic posts can either be undertaken as a part of the RACGP core vocational training as an Extended Skills Term in Academic Medicine, or as part of the Fellowship of Advanced Rural General Practice (FARGP) Advanced Rural Skills Training (ARST) term.   

ACRRM Funded Posts: For Australian College of Rural and Remote Medicine (ACRRM) registrars, an academic post can be undertaken while completing an Advanced Specialised Training (AST) in Academic Practice, Population Health, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health or Remote Medicine. Incorporating an academic training term during Primary Rural and Remote Training can be considered on a case by case basis. 

JCU Posts: For James Cook University, academic training terms are during Extended Skills or Advanced Specialised Training in Academic Practice.  The training post is generally concurrent clinical practice at 0.5 FTE and academic extended skills at 0.5 FTE across 12 months. The teaching, research and academic activities are tailored to the academic requirements at the Academic Registrar’s location. The academic teaching content is usually into the Bachelor of Medicine Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS) undergraduate degree program in either Mackay, Cairns or Townsville.

Am I eligible?

All registrars enrolled in the AGPT program are eligible to apply for an academic post, after they have completed at least six months of core vocational training.

How can I apply?

Intake for academic posts is run annually by RACGP and ACCRM from May to July. For applying with JCU, it is usually in alignment with the placement process that occurs from May to July. Please ensure you discuss your intentions with a JCU medical educator well in advance and visit the relevant college website for more information.

Further information

“I highly recommend registrars to consider undertaking an academic post. It will open a new door to your GP career, making you equipped with a variety of skills including research, teaching, presentation skills and better utilisation of evidence based medicine.”

Dr Nadee Wickramasuriya
JCU Registrar

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