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Placement process for successful AGPT applicants

Incoming registrars are asked to complete an online placements survey in which they will nominate their preferred James Cook University (JCU) GP training regions from 1-11 as well as indicate their training plans and other specific training requirements. JCU offers training places for the entire JCU GP training region and there is no guarantee of a training placement in any particular area. Registrars are also required to attend a mandatory Commencement of Training telephone interview to discuss the program training requirements and their training post/s in 2020. 

Following these two processes, the placements team meets to allocate registrars to training regions taking into account the information supplied in the placements survey, training post capacity and the health needs of our communities. Although the team makes every effort to do so, it is not always possible to allocate registrars to their preferred region. This is for several reasons including training post capacity, supervisor availability, training post requirements set by ACRRM and RACGP, and the importance that we give to distributing registrars evenly and fairly across the whole JCU region, with priority given to areas with greater health needs.

Registrars who are working in a hospital post in 2020 (RACGP mandatory hospital terms or ACRRM core clinical training), will not be allocated to a training region. Instead, during the first half of 2020 they will participate in the placements process as outlined above.  

Once a registrar is allocated to a training region, the regional team will make contact with them to allocate two suitable training posts to interview at (if two are available at that time). Following the interview/s the training post will decide whether or not to offer the registrar a placement. Registrars can choose to accept or decline an offer. Following this process, if there are no suitable available training posts in the allocated region, registrars will be offered interviews in other regions of JCU.

JCU strongly encourages registrars to remain in one region of choice for the duration of their training. This allows registrars to build up a local patient base, provide continuity of care to the community, get to know the local services and referral pathways, and successfully prepare for college assessments. Registrars should be aware that in some cases the college policies or training post accreditation may dictate a regional move. Examples of these include the RACGP's two-practice diversity requirement and ACRRM's placement requirements.

Explore the JCU training region and read registrar stories to find out more about the opportunities available.

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Placements FAQs

How do I find out which training posts are available in each JCU region?
JCU operates a distributed model, with offices located in each training region. If you are interested in training in a particular region, making contact with the relevant JCU office to find out more information is the first step. A list of training posts available in each region is provided on the relevant region page of this website.

Can I do all of my general practice training in the one training post?
If you are following the RACGP pathway, you are required to experience a diversity of practice by training in at least two different training posts for your General Practice Training (GPT) terms. Registrars following the ACRRM pathway are able to work in certain accredited training posts for all of their Primary Rural and Remote Training (PRRT) terms.

Can I do all of my training in a hospital setting?
No, all JCU registrars (including Queensland Health Rural Generalist Trainees and scholarship holders) must complete at least six months full-time equivalent in community general practice (may include Aboriginal Medical Services) during the first 12 months of general practice terms.

Who should I contact if I have questions about my 2020 application or post?
If you are new to JCU and do not yet have access to MyGMT, please contact us.

If you are already a JCU registrar, please log on to MyGMT or contact your local JCU office.

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