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Applicants to the AGPT program with JCU must be Australian or New Zealand Citizens or Permanent Residents and have Medical Registration by the date of entry into the program.

Eligibility criteria are set by the Department of Health and each college checks their applications for meeting these requirements.

Temporary visa holder eligibility (457, 482, 491 and 820 visas) 

All applicants preferencing JCU as their RTO must hold Australian Permanent Residency at the time of application

Further information
For full details on eligibility visit the college website (RACGP or ACRRM).

Australian Defence Force (ADF) doctors

JCU welcomes Australian Defence Force (ADF) doctors to our region. The RAAF, Army, and Navy all have bases within our training region. 

Training requirements

ADF doctors are required to meet the same general training requirements as other registrars enrolled in the AGPT program and will be required to undertake a period of full-time civilian general practice training in conjunction with their military training. This training can be undertaken as a composite term of civilian and military posts. Due to the service demands of the ADF, it is recommended that registrars undertake a full-time civilian general practice or Core Generalist Training term during their postgraduate year two. 


JCU understands that ADF registrars may be deployed or posted outside of our training region at some point during training. AGPT policy allows ADF registrars to transfer between regional training organisations in these circumstances. ADF registrars should discuss their circumstances with JCU as early as possible. 

How to apply

ADF doctors apply to the AGPT program in the same way as non-ADF doctors. Applicants from the ADF should advise JCU of their circumstances during the national selection process and ensure that they select a training provider that matches their posting location.

Further information
Please visit the Department of Defence website.

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