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Our training program

Looking for a career with adventure, skills and impact? 

General Practitioners (GPs) play a vital role and are at the heart of providing healthcare to communities. An exciting, clinically diverse and challenging career is what attracts many to the specialty. As a GP you have a great opportunity to make a real difference in the health of your patients and communities. Through forming close relationships with your patients over a lifetime, you’ll find a career as a GP to be satisfying and rewarding. 

Why train with JCU?

Are you ready for a challenging and rewarding career? James Cook University (JCU) offers registrars the opportunity for a career with adventure, skills and impact. General Practice training in rural and remote Queensland offers many exciting opportunities to registrars and equips them with the skills to work anywhere, from regional, rural and remote communities and beyond.

Vivid and diverse landscapes

From glorious beaches and mountains, hinterlands, specular rainforests, rich farmland, to wide savannah country, wilderness and the red soil of the Australian outback. Explore the region.

Succeed with JCU

Be well supported throughout your training with JCU. Guidance and support from dedicated, caring and inspirational supervisors and medical educators. Support is not far away, with a dedicated JCU team in each region including medical educators and administrators to help you excel. Remote registrars form close support networks with other registrars and benefit from flexible training through innovative online virtual classrooms. Receive support not only from medical educators and supervisors but from the community. 

Be part of the community

From large cattle and sheep properties, through to mining and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities. Become a part of the communities in which you work and live.


Help close the gap in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health. Make a difference, with access to educational activities and cultural mentors to support you along the way. Find out more about how our training program is helping close the gap. 


Living and working in rural and remote Queensland can be exciting, offering unique and clinical diverse opportunities.


Develop an extended scope of practice with JCU and benefit from opportunities you wouldn’t experience anywhere else. Discover diverse opportunities for procedural and practical based skills training during Extended Skills posts, Advanced Specialised Training and Advanced Rural Skills Training. Find out more about the opportunities. 


Discover a rewarding and satisfying career as a rural GP in Queensland. Improve the health of underserved communities from rural and remote Queensland to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities.

Hear from some of our registrars about what they loved about their GP training with JCU 


"I have managed more stuff on my own than I would have in a bigger city hospital. Your career advancement can be fantastic because you are more likely to get better references, you are more likely to develop better relationships with the people who decide who works where than you are in a big city." 
-  Dr Marco Giuseppin, JCU GP Registrar, Wide Bay region  



"You feel like part of the one community. Everyone is there to support each other. Everywhere you go, everyone is happy to wave hello, stop and have a chat, have a bit of a yarn and make you feel a part of not only their community but their family." 
-  Dr Allison Hempenstall, JCU GP Registrar, Thursday Island



“I get to participate in and oversee their care and know that I am really making a difference in their lives. As one of only two doctors in town, you become very important to both patients and their families. It’s a very privileged position.”
- Dr Bryce Nicol, Director of Medical Services, Winton 


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