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JCU Senior Lecturer named Townsville’s top citizen

29 January 2018

Congratulations to our very own Dr Jack Maguire who was named Townsville’s 2018 Citizen of the Year in last week’s local Australia Day honours.

The award recognises more than three decades of service to the community’s healthcare sector, in particular his staunch advocacy for the elderly through his work on the council of The Good Shepherd Home for the past 21 years.

“I was most surprised, I wasn’t expecting it at all,” Dr Maguire said of the accolade.

“I was a bit taken aback to be honest, the things I have done over the years I’ve always enjoyed doing,” he said.

He said the response to his award had been widespread and humbling with colleagues, friends and family sending messages of congratulations over the Australia Day long weekend.

The award also recognised Dr Maguire’s involvement in undergraduate and postgraduate education for the past 30 years. Dr Maguire is a GMT Senior Fellow and Senior Lecturer with James Cook University’s College of Medicine and Dentistry and has more than 35 years of General Practice experience under his belt.

“I enjoy the contact with people, the holistic care you provide, and the continuity of care,” Dr Maguire said.

One of the highlights of his career has been the work he has done with The Good Shepherd Home and its Council.

“I have a lot of very decent colleagues on the council and we have improved the home to be a very home-like environment now instead of the hospital-type environment it was when I first went to the home 35 years ago.”

Having also been a GP supervisor for more than 25 years, Dr Maguire has a few words of wisdom for those aspiring GPs about to embark on their specialist careers in hospitals and clinics across regional, rural and remote Queensland.

“Make the most of your interaction with the community and the continuity of care you are providing, and don’t underestimate what you’re doing.”

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